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Construction Machinery Corporation abbreviated as COMA is a state-owned enterprise established in accordance with the Decision No. 993/BXD-TCLD dated 20/11/1995 of the Minister of Construction, basing on reorganization of subsidiaries under the Union of Construction Machinery Enterprise founded in 1975



Year of Establishment: Since 1995 basing on the former Union of Construction Machinery Enterprises established in 1975.

Address for contact:           

Registerd office    : 125D Minh Khai, Ha Noi, Viet Nam

Telephone               : +84-4-38631122               Facsimile: +84-4-38631216

E-mail                      : coma@hn.vnn.vn

Website                   : www.coma.vn


The Construction Engineering Corporation is a State-owned enterprise established in accordance with the Decision No. 993/BXD-TCLD dated 20/11/1995 of the Minister of Construction. Under the Decision No. 52/QD-TTg dated 12/02/2010 of the Prime Minister approved the pilot project established the Vietnam Construction Industry Group by the parent company - Song Da Corporation as the core and Corporation is an active one member company limited.

On 02/10/2012, the Prime Minister issued the Decision No. 1428/QD-TTg pilot finished Vietnam Construction Industry Group and the Ministry of Construction has letter No. 975/QD-BXD on 18/10/2012 to transfer the rights and obligations of state ownership in Construction machinery corporation from the parent company - Song Da Corporation belong to Ministry of Construction.

The Construction Machinery Corporation  (COMA) specialized in production and trading of mechanical equipment aiming at the construction and other sectors, in execution, erection and installation of construction projects pursuant to the plan of development from the domestic and abroad construction sector, at the requirement of market.

COMA is a strong brand in the fields of manufacturing steel structure.With many years experience COMA has been very successful in the fabrication of structural steel works of the country's key as the National conference center,supply and installation of steel beams, steel roof system and roof steel structure covering the Hanoi Museum project, steel structure roof and roofing works provides national exhibition planning, competition place Indoorgame, the roof gallery exhibition Da Nang city, providing structural steel Vietnam Television center, fabrication of structural steel truss roof space Binh Phuoc, Metro Hanoi 2 steel structures..... In 2012 COMA are taken in the construction of fabrication and erection of steel (hard core) C14 column works the Houses of Parliament, the package installation of the roof layer Meeting Houses of Parliament and some key works of countries in the coming years.

COMA is take part in design, consultation, fabrication, equipment installation hydropower projects across the country as the Ban Ve hydropower, Song Tranh 2, Huong Son, Can Don, Srok Phu Mieng, Se San 4, Buon Tua Srah, Dasiat, Dakmi 4, A Luoi, Dak Sin 1, Suoi Sap, Song Chay 5, Nam Muc, Trung Son…power plants such as the Vung Ang thermal power, manufacturing material pipe line Densit for CAN power plant in Turkey, Hiep Phuoc power plant, Phu My, Pha Lai 2. These works have been operating so that the national grid and the investors appreciated.

COMA also has taken in the design, manufacture and installation of equipments such as cement works: But Son Cement Plant, Bim Son, Sao Mai, Song Gianh, Hai Phong, Cam Pha, Quang Tri, the sugar factory as Thach Thanh sugar factory, Son La, Nghe An, Lam Son, the construction industry such as float glass plant (VFG, NSG), Binh Duong porcelain factory, Thang Long tile factory, Yen Ha feldspar crushing plant, Hai Phong steel factory, making pole 500 KV, 220 KV, the columns television, microwave, all kinds of staging space for structures, amusement, gymnastic stadium.

COMA has participated in construction bridges project to serve the needs of Hanoi traffic and across the country as have installed and amnufactured ​​08 pedestrian bridge installation projects to enhance traffic safety Hanoi, construction Vang Danh bridge, Lan Thap bridge in Quang Ninh, bridge Ka Nat in Gia Lai ... In 2012, by the trust of investors, COMA continue to be selected construction of bridges under program to minimize jams traffic rules for the period 2011 to 2015 of Hanoi city as bridges over intersections Le Van Luong – Lang and complete at October 2012, overpasses Nam Hong Mai Dich road crossings - Noi Bai completed and open to trafic at December 2012, construction and installation of pedestrian bridge over to ensure trafic for the North Thang Long – Ha Noi. The construction works for the COMA was the investors and the Ministry of Transportation appreciated hightly.

With quality as well as after-sales service perfect, COMA has been the foreign contractor selected as their partner in the field of fabrication and installation of steel structures and equipment for projects in country and abroad, such as Lurgi Lenjes Bischoff GmbH, Hyundai Cons & Engineering Co., Mitsui Babcock Energy Ltd (UK), Mitsubishi Heavy Industries Co., Densit A / S, Taiwan Cement Engineering Co., ABB Industry Co., NAT & L Sugar Co., Nippon Glass sheet, Doosan Babcock ....

Products of COMA like: Case fan, boiler shells, shell electrostatic dust filter, piping system, piping waste of thermal power plant has been exported to several countries around the world such as:U.S., Turkey, Australia, Taiwan ...

In the fiels of civil construction, COMA has won some EPC projects such as: Package 7 of Dung Quat oil refinery factory, COMA has implemented BT projects such as Hanoi intellectuals, inter-provincial road Hanoi - Hung Yen. COMA has construction general contractor made ​​a number of works such as: Athletics competition in the home, the administrative center of political province of Ba Ria-Vung Tau ...... COMA an investor a number of projects: Huong Son hydropower plant in Ha Tinh, combination operator COMA office leasing, real estate projects Skylight ...

Since its establishment, the COMA has focused its investment of modern machines, equipment and intensively trained the management and workers for upgrading their management and skill with the target of high productivity, quality and low sale price, possibly competing locally and abroad. The Corporation also apply the Product Quality Management System according to ISO 9001:2008.

For expanding market and scope of production equipment and technology as well as the qualification of management and workers of various catergories, the Corpoaration has collaborateed and taken part in Joint-Venture with local and foreign companies for transferring and applying the technologiacal scientific achievements in the world to its’s operation.

At now COMA has more than 24 member units in localities across the country, the total workshop area about 40,000 m2, more than 10,000 teams of engineers and skilled workers, with standard equipment capacity of about 60,000 tons/year, equipment installation capacity of 200,000 tons / year.

In the coming years, the COMA will increase investment to become the leading  Corpoartion in Vietnam in the fields of manufacture, installation of non-standard equipment, steel structure, execution equipment for construction, to execute the civil and industrial projects and export the products on international market.

The main products and services have licensed by Ha noi planning and investment department on the dated January 23, 2013 with No. 0100106553:


-         Consulting, designing for mechanic and construction fields;

-         Fabrication and erection/installation of non-standard equipment such as: fan casings, boiler shells, gas ducts, electrostatic precipitators, bag filters, steel structures, steel beams, tanks with big capacity, pressure vessels for industrial projects;

-         Fabrication and erection of power transmission towers, television towers;

-         Supply of equipment for thermal power and hydro-power plants;

-         Fabrication and installation of belt conveyer with width of 400-2200mm;

-         Manufacture of equipment and accessories for cement, concrete and brick production industries;

-         Manufacture of locks of various types, water meters and caste products;

-         Installation of air conditioning, ventilation and insulation systems;

-         Manufacture and installation of water - electric systems;

-         Manufacture of mechanical products serving electricity field, including:  medium and low voltage panels, completed transformer stations, electric meter cubic, lighting boxes, control panels and others;

-         Design, fabrication and erection of space frames of various spans;

-         Fabrication and installation of aluminum frames;

-         Fabrication of mechanical products for export;

-         Construction of industrial and civil projects;

-         Making business of import-export, transport of equipment and materials.

-         Set up a cost estimates and design verification, the total estimated costs of the consultant tender for the construction and installation design, material supply, equipment, project management, supervising the construction.

With existing capacity, the COMA is committed to completing projects on schedule and ensure quality work when investor confidence to carry out.

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